Photon Counter 1.5 GHz AmplifierInformation

Affordable Continuous 4 Gigaphotons/second

Marina Photonics is dedicated to high speed affordable Time-Correlated photon counting systems and has been supplying high speed photon counters since 1987.  

Two to four channels of photon counting are available with 1 GHz per channel sustained count rates with no dead time or lost counts.  There is no start-stop reset time.  Once photon counting is triggered, it continues to place photons in one nanosecond bins until the entire process is stopped by a reset.

The above board contains five 1 GHz photon counting channels and one input trigger to start data collection. 
3.75" x 3.0"  double layer board for reliability
3.3V @ 3.2 Ampere at maximum count rate of 5 Giga-photons/second
Pecl inputs (interfaces available)
     Photon counts, Positive edge triggered MC100EP32 4 GHz flip flop
     Trigger - Positive edge
TTL outputs
      Triggered = 1
      125 MHz continuous and synchronized reference clock
      Five 8 bit byes of photon data
Interface - DIO board for Windows at 400 MEGABYTES/SECOND CONTINUOUS
               USB low cost lower data rate input which can be upgraded at any time.
Software - IDL 3-D analysis software free
Note: Only four channels will be available after 1 November, 2013 due to interface changes.  The same one year warranty applies. 

Interface modules to various PMT's are available including Hamamatsu 1 GHz Hybrid tubes.

You can reach us at 831 601 2120 or:

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