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Two Hamamatsu Tubes are available with GHz count rates

The following Photomultiplier tubes are on hand
and have been tested at tube-limited speeds
Tube            Manufacturer        Wavelength     Risetime
R5600-01    Hamamatsu           300-820nm       0.65ns        Module
R3091         Hamamatsu           300-500nm       0.4ns        1" SMA head-on  tube
R928p         Hamamatsu           185-900nm       2.2ns
R647           Hamamatsu          300-650nm        2ns
R7400U-04  Hamamatsu          185-850nm       0.78ns
R7400U-02  Hamamatsu          300-880nm       0.78ns
R1784          Hamamatsu          185-680nm       0.9ns
R2949          Hamamatsu          185-900nm       2.2ns        Low dark count R928  
H6780-02     Hamamatsu          300-880nm       0.78ns        Module R7400U-02

HC123-01    Hamamatsu    Powered socket for 1 1/8" side-on PMTs

Tested at Gigahertz count speed:
H13661    Hamamatsu             300-650nm        0.23ns        430ps photon width module end-on, low gain
R10467U    Hamamatsu         -40 available      0.4ns        Hybrid tube various high QE cathodes       

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