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Dual Hybrid

The front of the Dual Hybrid Supply is shown with the APD voltages set for 100V and 101V. 

    There are two identical power supplies combined in one box for convenience.   On the front panel, there is a main power switch and a switch for each of the voltage supplies with an led indicator.   The APD Bias voltage is adjustable from 0 Volts to +420 Volts by a ten turn dial potentiometer with readout on a digital panel meter.  On the rear panel, in addition to the AC Power input, there is a Lemo connector for each +420V supply connection and an AMP 5-830395-1 connector for the -8000V supplies.

8.66" x 2.63" x 6.5"Size
4 Watts TypicalPower consumption
Less than 0.01%
0-420 Volt Maximum for tube safety
Less than 0.002% P-P
-8000 Volt DC
110/220 50/60 Hz VACInput Requirements

Each Hybrid power supply consists of an isolated AC to 12V DC converter followed by two DC to DC power supplies for +420V and -8000V.  The hybrid power supplies share a common output ground but have separate isolated AC to DC converters.

Price:       $2876.00
Delivery:  30 days or stock
Warranty: 2 years