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Yes, that really is TTL output at a Gigahertz!

The P1TTL and P2TTL provide Gigahertz fixed width TTL output capability to the PV16.  This function is commonly referred to as a one-shot or a monostable multivibrator. 
The P1TTL is primarily intended to produce very high repetition rate single photon TTL outputs from the PV16 with a minimum pulse width of 650 picoseconds. . 

The P2TTL is a dual output polarity TTL one-shot with 415 picosecond rise time and 338 picosecond fall time at 2.32V TTL and a minimum pulse width of 1.45 nanoseconds. 

The P2TTL has a fixed 500 picosecond reset time whereas the P1TTL has a reset time equal to the selected pulse width.  Please see the first page for a white paper on the TTL one-shots.

Converting the sub-nanosecond PV16 output to a LVTTL pulse may be necessary for compatibility with older devices which were not designed to count faster than 10 to 100 Megahertz.  In some cases it is necessary to make the output pulse width compatible with a digital sample rate.

The middle trace in the oscilloscope picture is the input from a PV16 pulse, and the top and  bottom traces are the absolute minimum pulse width from the P2TTL box.

1.26" cube same size as PV16
6V @ 153 ma External Supply
Single input and LVTTL outputThreshold adjustment for + or - Input

Prices start at $200 depending on the fixed width or adjustable width internal parts.
$200.00 for 650 ps to 1.05 ns for the P1TTL
$250.00 for 6.3 ns P2TTL fixed pulse width output or 1.4 ns to 5 ns